The Way I Fly

This Song Is dedicated to those Friends that in some way Inspired me Musically over the years.

I've had writers block for almost 8 months.

This tune came from me not trying to do anything different,

not trying to,

"Get with the times",

This tune is just me Having fun...

It's been a long time since I enjoyed writing music.

Enjoy and Thanks for your support.


A Man's Peace.

This is My Peace.

Just Getting something off my chest.
Dear Friends, 
This letter will be shared throughout all of my mediums, Facebook, Blogs, reverbnation, and whatever else I got running.
Peace:  inner harmony. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then this message is directed at you.
For a good portion of my life I acted the fool, not in a bad way, but, I was the silly, life of the party, always get a rise out 

of you one way or the other guy. It took a while to figure out, that after I got home after a full day of “entertaining folks” why 

did I still feel empty. I mean even after being on stage… (And trust me I’ve played in front of some ten thousand plus crowds. I 

been with groups that packed stadiums,) yet when I got home, and the music died, I felt alone.  Even at one time I’d have someone 

to greet me at the door when I got home, but, when the music stopped and died. I felt alone…., I don’t blame it on the people 

who've supported me, carried me, and helped me over the years. I blame me. I had not yet found that inner peace.  
When I first got into the music business I was just as giddy as anybody else. Arrogant, absolutely, I happen to get 

connected with Rodney Flash Epps.  He turned me on…or better yet he took a KID who had never played professionally before and put 

him on stage. 
My First gig was with the Tams, Drifters, The Coaster, and in his last public appearance Wolfman Jack.  While Wolfman was 

introducing the bands and getting the crowd hyped, I was back stage away from everybody. Praying &; Crying. Praying, because I 

wanted to make sure I gave thanks for my talent and my opportunities (Which I still do to this day). Crying, because , right when 

Wolfman said “Ladies & Gentleman the World Famous Tams,” I realized this was it , this is the big time….I had no idea what was to 

come, I didn't at that point in my life want to be a “PROFESSIONAL” musician, But right then I felt like I was.  
Fast forward, to what this rant is really about.
 In My life I've met, (strangely enough) a plethora of “Strong women”…And I mean STRONG!!!!   Now don’t run with this, my Father 

was/is in my life. I’m 40 plus years old and he still looking out for me.  But, my Mom’s Val Jean, Valerie King Martin has set the 

standard. But what I've noticed and learned over the 40 some-odd-years I've been here. MOST, women are about business. (Here I go 

fellas I’m rounding second), I've been discussing with a couple of friends of mine about their hardships with relationships (no 

I’m not naming names, I keep secrets, one of the reasons I can keep friends), but, I compare the journey I've been through, to 

where I am…. Fella’s, Men, Gentlemen…. We Off, We not hitting the mark, we F*********G up!. 
I remember sitting outside with my Grandfathers, Charles William King Sr. and William Charles Taylor, talking about women. My 

Grandmother remarried, and my mother and her siblings had the utmost respect for both father and step-father, (this is where I 

truly learned my respect for step, extended and Family). My grandfather’s told me always treat a woman with respect, put her on a 

pedestal. They didn't just tell me they showed me. Even though, my blood grandfather wasn't married to my grandmother anymore, he 

(when around her, even with her new husband) treated her and spoke to her like the queen she was. My Step grandfather (which we 

never called him “step”) really taught me how to treat a woman. 
My Brothers, this is the jest of what I’m ranting about, ya wanna change the world:
 “Train Up a child in the way he should go: even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6
We mad at the way these kids today dress, act, or in my profession, sing (rap) I don’t blame them. Who else do we blame? US!!!! 

The adults!
WE ain't done our job. I ran away from the school system because they were more invested in numbers than the child. I've 

been out of school 25 years; I worked in the school system 6. I have literally watched it go downhill from 1990 till now, not 

because of the teachers, cause trust me folks DO NOT get into teaching for the money, but, because of the parents. My mother was/is 

known as the PtA lady( she still involved in PTA today), my brother and I was threatened, (well mostly me,…OK ALL ME) every single 

day...”Imma call you mother”, or even the dreaded “Imma call yo Daddy”. 
Don Martin walked in my 4th grade class one day whilst I was acting a fool, I had no idea Mrs Woodfork had called the house to 

tell my father I was acting an a**, but she did…. Needless to say I was really good for the rest of the school year….
My point. Fellas, we ain't S***, sorry to put it so harshly, I’m almost positive the majority of men I have on my FB page are 

responsible, but I just look at the news today, and think about what would've happened if I had done some of the mindless stuff I 

see on the news. I feared my parents, still do even at 40 plus, I respect/ed my elders. I respect women. 
Respect ya woman, every woman, even if they don’t respect themselves. Trust me, when you approach some one that carries themselves 

with a full amount of class, you deal with them with a full amount of class.
This is how you want your child to be raised, with respect, with class.
 Naw, they ain’t gotta be all uppity and snobby. I’ve meet so many women  in my life that are just as crazy as me but, Business is 

business,  Annie lakes laye, is a teacher that drilled me. One of if not the best teacher I’ve ever had,(I’m actually afraid she’

ll read this and proof read it, and leave little red marks in it) but this woman is crazy, and I love her for it. 
 Fun and class do not have to be separated; Hard and class do not have to be apart. Fellas, people can still respect you and not 

have to fear you. 
Find your Peace, until you do you cannot share it, teach it, or talk about it… Find your peace. And it’s not all about that all 

mighty dollar…. Just look at the news. Why would a well-paid athlete shoot somebody, cause of what they said, or a well-paid 

entertainer get into a car and drive drunk, when they just spent a butt load of money buying alcohol for everybody and they momma 

and would not call a cab and call a service to drive their car home… Peace.
There is no reason, why I see so, so many of my strong female friends, dealing with us trifling men… It’s almost sickening, no, it 

is sickening.  
Most of this rant stated from friends I have going thru some stuff, but the hammer was a post I saw about  Paula Dean, the nail 

was about the comments  about Rachel Jeantel. 
Men. The world today, this is our fault. You don’t like other brothers wearing pink MEN stand up. You don’t want Bucks to come 

back, Men stand up! You trying to figure out why women are so arrogant, and independent, we made them that way. Am I saying the 

woman’s place in the kitchen? H*ll naw. But do I believe it’s man‘s job to be head of the house hold, absolutely. I was listening 

to The Trail on the radio, and when I listen to the 911 call, I heard the woman on the phone tell her husband get back here, don’t 

go over there get back here”, he couldn’t find the knife cause he didn’t know where it was. Nah! His first instinct should’ve 

been. (In my opinion) was making sure my wife safe, which from what I understand the way the attorney described the home, was a 2 

story. He should’ve taken he upstairs, then went back downstairs to find out Who, What When and Where? 
We’ve all heard it, “women and children first”. I’ve had a couple of arguments with the strong independent woman I’m about to 

marry, “my job is to protect you,” I say,” that don’t mean you go out picking fights, let me handle it!”
Fellas, treat all women like the precious jewels that they are…. You’ll be happy, they’ll be happy. We’ll all have Peace.

My Rant for 2013
D.E.Martin Jr.